I am a Finnish composer, musician, producer and recording technician. I started making music as a teenager with guitar, bass and piano. I also played drums in a couple of bands during the 1970's. However, I soon realized that my greatest ambition was not to play in bands, but to compose and, most importantly, to realize those compositions as recordings. Hours of my one-man-band were recorded using various reel-to-reel tape recorders and partly "DIY" recording gear. When the midi technique emerged (and much later digital workstations) I was finally able to produce music up to professional standards. At the end of 1980's I got my first paying gigs composing music for TV commercials and business videos with these new tools. In 1992 I was the co-producer and arranger of Joel Hallikainen's first album which reached triple-platinum sales and is still in the fifth position of the most sold Finnish records. Since then I have contributed to making of about 20 pop/rock albums. Since 1994 I have been involved in nearly 200 theatre productions for pro and amateur theatre. For the majority of these I have composed music and/or done sound design. 2017-2019 I was responsible for producing original music as well as sound design for the Moomin World theme park theatre performances in Naantali Finland. I have also written dozens of song lyrics for theatre productions. I have composed original music for the national broadcasting company YLE. I've also scored a few short films. My band project U.N.i released "Dreamland" CD in January 2014. The recording received positive reviews all around the world. More info on the U.N.i subpage!